Roku Error Code 014.40 Not Connecting To Wifi

If you are someone who enjoys Roku TV and wants to stay away from errors and glitches to continue enjoying this amazing streaming experience, then this is the place for you. Roku Error code 014.40 not connecting to wifi is a very common problem reported by many users. So, we will explain in detail what this error is, how it is caused, and how to fix it. Even if you have not faced this issue earlier, read it for future use.

Explaining Roku Error Code 014.40 – Not Connecting To Wifi

Roku Error Code 014.40 - Roku Not Connecting to WiFi

When your Roku TV device is unable to connect to the wifi network then it displays this error message. Usually, roku scans and automatically connects to your wifi network. But, there will be times when it is either unable to find the wifi network or fails to connect. In that case, you screen will display the following kinds of error messages; 

  • Unable to connect to wireless network.
  • Can’t connect to your wireless network.

Causes Of The Roku Error Code 014.40 Not Connecting To Wifi

Read the following points to know what causes the error code 014.40 on your Roku device;

  • If you enter incorrect login details for your wifi router while connecting to the device then the connection would fail.
  • In case you have changed the login credentials lately then the Roku won’t connect.
  • If you haven’t cleared the cache on your Roku device or wifi router then it will corrupt the connection. 
  • By chance, if your Roku tv’s mac ID is blocked from the router then the connection will fail repeatedly, leading to error code 014.40.

After going through the probable causes of the Roku error code 014.40 – not connecting to wifi, read the next segment to know how to fix it.

Fix The Roku Error Code 014.40 – Not Connecting To Wifi

Here are the basic steps you need to follow to fix the error code and stream hassle-free from your Roku device;

  1. Restart Roku TV – Sometimes the problem is nothing more than a simple technical glitch. So, just restart your device and see if the problem is gone. Use the Roku remote to restart your device;
  • Click on Settings.
  • Then tap on System.
  • Hit the Power button.
  • Finally, click System Restart.
  1. Restart Wifi Router – Simple turn off your router and turn it back on after a few minutes. This will delete the corrupted cache and make the router function efficiently. 
  2. Correct Wifi Login Credentials – Make sure that you enter the correct login credentials. Even if the login information is modified recently, then reconnect the Roku device to the wifi router. To connect your Roku device do the following steps;
  • Visit the settings option.
  • Click on the Network option.
  • Click on the Setup connection.
  • After that, choose the wireless option.
  • Choose your wifi router from the list.
  • Enter the correct or new password to connect.
  • Hit the connect button finally.
  1. Power Cycle – It is the easiest troubleshooting tip to perform. By performing the power cycle function and letting the devices be idle for a few minutes you can resolve the error. This will remove any frozen technical faults and ensure a good connection.

Roku Error Code 014.40 Solved!

Now you will be able to connect your roku device to your wifi router. Once you follow the above-mentioned steps carefully, you will no longer see the, ‘Roku Error Code 014.40 – not connecting to wifi’. In case you face this issue again, you know where to look for help. Enjoy disturbance-free streaming on Roku!