How Do I Fix The Roku Error Code 016?

How difficult is it to enjoy your favorite streaming platform? Not much until an error appears. Roku TV viewers complain about various Roku error codes such as 011, 016, 014.40, and others. So, if you have come across Roku error code 016 and need a solution, you are at the right spot. In this blog, we will answer your query, “How do I fix Roku error code 016?”. Not just this, we will explain in detail what Roku error code 016 is and its causes. 

Explaining Roku Error Code 016 – How Do I Fix The Roku Error Code 016

In this segment, we will explain the meaning of Roku error code 016. You will come across the error code 016 while streaming a show or a video on your Roku TV. This occurs when there is a conflict between your Roku device and its servers. You will see the following messages when this error occurs;

  • Not connected to the internet
  • Your Roku device is currently not connected to the internet.

Causes Behind Roku Error Code 016 – 

The main reasons that lead to Roku error code 016 are mentioned as follows;

  1. If your Roku device is not linked to a stable internet connection then this error code will display on your screen. A poor speed internet is also the reason for this error because you cannot stream high-quality content on poor internet speed.
  2. DNS cache problem also leads to Roku error 016. When there is a bulk of corrupted cache then the Roku will react leading to this state. You need to clear the cache from time to time.
  3. Sometimes, the issue is not with your Roku device but with the particular channel you are watching. If there is an issue with your channel support then you will observe this error.

Learn The Steps To Fix Roku Error Code 016 –

Follow the steps given below to resolve the Roku error code 016 easily;

  • Check your network connection – First of all, verify your internet connection. Make sure the internet is active, stable, and high-speed. Upgrade your plan or contact the ISP to enhance your internet speed.
  • Power Cycle Function – Power cycle function ensures the device is free of any technical glitches. Sometimes a little software restart also resolves the issue. Here’s how you can perform the power cycle steps on your Roku device and wifi router;
  • Switch off both Roku TV and wifi router.
  • Detach all the cables including the power wire.
  • Let the devices be idle for 15-20 minutes.
  • Attach the cables back to their respective points.
  • Switch on the devices and check if the error is resolved.
  • New Connection Setup – If the network connection is not made properly, you need to perform the connection setup from start;
  • On your remote, press the home button.
  • Select the Network option after that.
  • Press the Setup New connection tab.
  • Click on the wireless option next.
  • Click on your wifi router SSID.
  • Enter the correct password next.
  • Check if the connection is established or not.
  • Contact Roku TV Support – If nothing helps, then connect your Roku TV support and seek their help to resolve this error. 

Roku Error Code 016 Solved!

These were some easy and basic steps to resolve the Roku error code 016. Now, if you face this error ever again you don’t need to ask, “How do I fix Roku error code 016?”. Visit this blog and perform the steps. Wasn’t that easy?